digital marketing is broken,
this is how to fix it.

This book reveals marketing insights for every level. From founders wearing all the hats, to new entrepreneurs, all the way up to CMO’s who want their teams to stay ahead of industry standards. Use this book as a guide for your marketing team to make sure they leave no digital stone unturned.
— Taylor Sicard, Co-Founder, BV Growth

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Available in both Kindle and Paperback


Something is broken in the digital marketing world

Restricted client account access. Unethical spending. Broken tracking. Incorrect ad placement. Ignorant service providers. Unethical guarantees. Embarrassing client service. Billions of dollars wasted. Contracts where incentives are not aligned.

We feel a moral obligation to make a dent in the advertising universe. We wrote this book not only to shine a light on what’s happening and why it’s wrong, but importantly, to help educate all parties involved:

CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, brands of all sizes, marketing agencies, ad tech companies, private equity and venture capital firms, consultants, customers, and anyone else who is part of the digital marketing ecosystem.

Whichever one of those words most describes your role in the digital marketing world, we’re here to help. We want to fix this mess. Because we’re not doomsday sayers. We may be skeptical, but we’re not cynical.

If you’re like us, if you have even the smallest desire to create greater clarity and trust; to establish higher standards of accountability for digital brands; to promote transparent business practices in the digital marketing world: you’ve come to the right place.


What’s Inside 

  • What are toxic agency-client relationships and how to know if you’re in one (checklist included)

  • Learn the potential grave effects of badvertising on your business

  • Questioning techniques that will help you ascertain the integrity of your agency (even if you’re not a digital marketer)

  • Specific questions you can ask your Facebook Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and Email Agency




Kevin Simonson, CEO | Co-Founder

Kevin has probably influenced your online behavior. He has worked with hundreds of companies, from Bonobos to Carnival Cruise Lines, spending over $100 million in digital advertising to convince people to take various actions online. He has lectured at Harvard and General Assembly and is an advisor to several companies on social advertising

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John Pellinghelli, Co-Founder

John is an expert in all things digital advertising and analytics. John specializes in retail and B2B lead gen with experience driving efficient growth at scale for Fortune 1000 companies like Nike, ADP, Under Armour and VC/ PE backed firms such as Mack Weldon, Bonobos, and Canada Goose.

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Ryan Markman, COO

As COO of Metric Digital, Ryan leads strategy, sales, and finance. Previously, Ryan served as GM of Y Combinator- backed adtech platform Boostable. Ryan also advised Private Equity and Fortune 1000 clients at Bain & Company.

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Metric Digital is a modern performance marketing agency that specializes in ecommerce. We're obsessed with driving high ROI growth for our clients. We use Paid Search, Paid Social, Email Marketing, and SEO to drive revenue and accomplish measurable goals for brands of all sizes.

Our firm powers marketing for the best, most disruptive D2C brands. In the past several years, Metric Digital has helped companies drive sustainable growth that helped fuel their acquisitions, IPOs, or next funding rounds, such as Canada Goose (IPO), Bonobos (Acquired), (Series C). Also, many of our clients are on the IAB 250 list, including JackThreads, Mack Weldon, Hint Water, and Nature Box. To read case studies from some our clients, visit us online at